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West Coast Woods salvages and mills a range of diverse material. We have over 50,000 board feet of slab material stickered and drying in our lumber yard. Our species inventory includes Claro Walnut, Monterey Cypress, Black Acacia, Redwood, Elm, Bay Laurel and others. The slab process takes time. After milling a tree, the green material is stickered for air drying in the boule or log section. It can take up to 1-3 years to air dry before a boule is ready for kiln drying and selling. Much of our stock depends on what is available and how fast it dries; this makes inventory unpredictable yet exciting. When we open a dry boule that we haven’t seen for a year, it is always a surprise to see what is inside



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Black Acacia

Claro Walnut

Douglas Fir


Monterey Cypress



12bBoule /bool/ n. A stack of timber formed from a log that is sawn longitudinally by a series of successive parallel cuts, the pieces are assembled in sequential order to re-create the original log. The sequential order allows for book matching, which is ideal for furniture and cabinet makers. Boule edges are generally left natural.








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